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Vijay Antony’s Bichagadu (2016) Telugu Mp3 Songs High Quality Download

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Movie Name : Bichagadu

Cast & Crew : Vijay Anthony,Satna Titus
Director : Sasi
Music: Vijay Anthony
Label : Mango Music

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01 – Glamour Song
Singers : Prabhu
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

02 – Vandha Devulle
Singers : Vijay Anthony
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

03 – Tingarabhuchi
Singers : Vijay Anthony,Supriya Joshi
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

04 – Neekosam Vastha
Singers : Vijay Anthony,Janaki Iyer
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

05 – Okka Puta Annam
Singers : Vijay Anthony,Yasin
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

06 – Bichagadu Theme
Singers : Vijay Anthony,Ananthu
Download Link or ZippyShare or  Mediafire

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